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What are the best smartwatch brands?

Ranking the best watches on the market today
01Apple Watch SE
The Apple Watch SE is a smartwatch that offers a great core experience at a more affordable price. It features a ceramic and sapphire glass design with a nylon composite caseback and an S5 processor that ensures it runs fast and easy. In addition to the inbuilt GPS, the SE automatically tracks a wide range of activities such as running, cycling, swimming, tennis, yoga and functional strength training. It also comes with a heart rate monitor that provides a wealth of health data. While not the most advanced Apple Watch, the SE fulfils most people’s core needs for a smartwatch at a more affordable price.
The OPPO Watch 3 Pro is currently the best smartwatch option in the Android camp. Not only does this watch continue the dual-curved flexible square screen look of its predecessor, but it also comes with advanced features such as esim standalone calling, vooc flash charging, and a separate operating system. It is equipped with a 4nm Qualcomm Snapdragon w5 processor, which provides a significant performance boost compared to its predecessor, while reducing power consumption by about 50 per cent. In addition, it supports more than 80 app downloads, covering commonly used apps in daily life, which greatly increases the playability. The dual chip and dual system design makes it support 5 days of ultra-long battery life in full intelligence mode, which is a comprehensive upgrade of performance, battery life and app ecology.
03 huawei watch gt3
Huawei watch gt3 is a highly recommended smartwatch in the current market. This watch excels in terms of quality and market recognition, and has a significantly upgraded iteration compared to its predecessor, the gt2. It has a large 1.43-inch amoled screen with excellent display and a battery life of up to 8-14 days. The features are very powerful, including heart rate, blood oxygen saturation monitoring, precise positioning and private coaching. Especially the Huawei watch gt3 pro version, which adopts a new design language and high-end materials, supports ecg ECG acquisition and analysis, and can better guard our health. For Android users, this is a highly recommended product.
04ticwatch gtw
ticwatch gtw is a new product launched by door ask in 2022, with a 1.39-inch amoled screen, wear-resistant and non-slip, sports style class watch, weighing 38.5 g. The watch has a built-in dual processor, which is conducive to taking into account the endurance and the even distribution of energy consumption of smart applications. In addition, ticwatch gtw also has heart rate, blood oxygen, sleep and other basic monitoring functions.
05Huawei watch3
Huawei watch3 is the flagship of Huawei’s smart digital series, equipped with the new Hongmeng OS, supporting multi-functional NFC, analogue access control, public transport card and payment. It features Hongmeng system, Internet of Everything, ESIM function, which is smarter than Huawei GT3 and can use more apps. but the hardware, algorithms and some functions of the health function are slightly weaker than GT3 and GT3 Pro. for Huawei mobile phones with Hongmeng system, you can use Huawei watch3 to play its performance perfectly and get a better wearing experience.
06 Honor Watch
Honor Watch is the best domestic smartwatch in recent years, especially in terms of function and battery life. With a 46mm dial and 41g weight, the Honor Watch 2 has similar features to the Huawei gt2, including standalone music playback, 14 days of long battery life, 2gb of RAM and 15 sport modes. In addition, the Honor Watch is powered by the Kirin a1 chip, which supports more than 100 sports modes, up to 21 days of long battery life, AI voice function, HD amoled full-colour watch screen, and advanced health modes such as manual oximetry and sleep quality test. These features make it a superior choice for entry-level smartwatches, especially for Android users who prefer round dials.
07 Xiaomi Smartwatch
The Xiaomi smartwatch is an excellent value-for-money option in the current market. Xiaomi initially started with mobile phones and then gradually ventured into the smartwatch segment. With premium materials such as Snapdragon 3100 chip and AMOLED screen, this watch not only supports standalone call function but also has multiple sports modes such as running, walking and hiking. It also monitors body data like sleep and stress management. In addition, the watch also integrates NFC and Xiaoxia Smart Assistant to meet a variety of needs in daily life. Although the battery life is relatively short, it’s still a smartwatch well worth considering given its rich features and affordable price.
08Amazfit Leap Me T-Rex 2
The Amazfit Leap Me T-Rex 2 is a smartwatch designed for outdoor activities with excellent durability and versatility. The watch has a tough, cool look and features a 1.39-inch AMOLED HD display that shows content clearly even in strong outdoor light. Certified to 15 military standards, including high and low temperature, acid, salt spray and impact tests, it ensures exceptional quality and durability. It supports five global satellite positioning systems for faster and more accurate positioning, and features track import, navigation and real-time track functions. In addition, the watch has an ultra-long battery life, can measure a variety of health indicators, and supports NFC payment and other functions.
09Viewband w2 plus
Viewbond w2 plus is a highly recommended watch for Android users among the three thousand yuan smartwatches. It not only supports Bluetooth, microphone and speaker for two-way incoming calls and music playback in its functional design, but also has excellent battery life. The dial design is varied and can be changed by one touch transfer, or download a new desktop from the app dial market. In addition, the watch is equipped with an octa-core processor, 6G high-speed operation and 128G large memory, which is powerful enough to handle complex tasks. The dual cameras support autofocus to take photos and videos. Overall, the Viewband w2 plus is a feature-rich smartwatch with excellent performance.
10Huawei gt2
Huawei GT2 is a sporty smartwatch with great value for money. It has an affordable price, excellent performance and rich features, including real-time heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen detection, stress monitoring and sleep monitoring. In addition, GT2 is equipped with a 1.39-inch AMOLED touchscreen with clear display and high resolution. The built-in Kirin A1 chip and npu chip provide excellent AI processing performance. It supports Bluetooth 5.1, GPS and NFC for sports and payment needs. However, it should be noted that its support for iOS devices is not friendly enough.

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